The Family Dog

There are so many details to attend to in planning a year long, six continent, all family trip like this one.  Who will take care of our family dog is high up on the list of things to worry about.  Thanks to our great friends Judy, Brig, Graham and Sophie, it looks like Sylvia, our dog, will have a loving home during our time away.  Judy first made her generous offer to house our Sylvia last summer, right before her family went out and brought home a puppy of their own.  Six months later their golden retriever has settled enough for them to bring up the offer again, providing the dogs get along.  Well, we just got back from what I thought to be a very successful puppy playdate.  I told Sylvie in no uncertain terms that she was to be on her best behavior when meeting Maisy.  She needed to share and behave and be submissive if necessary, just like I tell the kids.  Despite Maisy peeing immediately upon meeting Sylvie, and Sylvie taking off to go on a short exploration of the neighborhood, I think the meeting went very well.  No growling, lots of tumbling, wrestling and sniffing.  My only concern now is that Sylvie isn’t going to want to come home when our trip is over.

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One thought on “The Family Dog

  1. jane appel

    i hpe that goes well 🙂

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