The trip preparation item we have been putting off for the longest time has finally come and gone.   None of us were excited about getting our travel shots but certain members of our group were less enthusiastic than others.

I made the whole family an appointment at the travel clinic with our new friend, Nurse Pat.  She took very good care of us, went over our itinerary and gave us the lowdown on what would be needed.  The kids would all need Yellow Fever and Typhoid vaccines, David and I had already gotten those on our trip to Kenya a few years back.  But, David and I still needed a second dose of Hepatitis A.  No one was getting off without any pokes.

We also got plenty of health related information.  We learned the essential rule of eating in the developing world, “Cook it, peel it, or dump it.”  Drink a lot in hot weather, wear bug spray with deet, use sunscreen always. The usual.   We are filling prescriptions for Malarone, anti-malarial drug, and an antibiotic for travelers diarrhea.  We will be prepared.

I will let the pictures tell the story.  Let’s just say some of us were a little calmer than others.  But everyone survived, even Nurse Pat.



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14 thoughts on “THE SHOTS

  1. David

    I’m glad everyone survived the shots!

  2. erica

    Can’t wait to read about all of your excellent adventures. i know that you already know that, but I’m adding a comment in hopes that I can also sign up to receive notification of new posts. I will check the box, but until there is something new to read, i won’t know if it works.


    have a great trip

  4. Erica,
    Let me know if you get notified by this comment to you.

  5. The Wexstones

    We are looking forward to following your adventures, and hopefully visiting somewhere along the way!

  6. Denise

    Thank you for sharing your blog. I love what you have already written. I’m so excited for all of you, and will really enjoy living vicariously through you over your year-long journey. Amy, I’m going to miss our daily walks/runs, but maybe we can skype a walk sometime (haha).

  7. We’ll be travelling with yu-vicariously.
    love, Mom and Dad

  8. Linda Jacobson

    Keep us posted and have a great yea4!

  9. Becki King

    Have a wonderful trip. We are very excited for you and wish we had the opportunity to do the same! Lydia was wondering today where Rikki is and what she was doing, so I promised we would check. We’ll be off on our own adventure soon (a move to the Deep South), and we’ll be following yours with great enthusiasm!

  10. Sam Gun

    Dovid and family

    Gay gesunt and coom gesunt–go in peace and return in peace!!

    Great seeing you yesterday and I too will be living vicariously!!!

    Looking forward to updates

    Sam Gun

  11. The katz's

    Can’t wait to get all the updates

  12. Eileen and gang

    I’m so excited for your wild and crazy adventure, can’t wait to see all these posts!!! Enjoy and remember I’ll be waiting to see big ben, and big ben again. I’m sure you can find a big ben in each country to delight us all!!!! Safe travels Goldman adventurers!!!!

  13. Stacey Crane

    Dovid, wishing you and your family an awesome and safe world tour.

    N’sia Tova!! Stacey Crane

  14. Jill Knopoff

    I am so excited for your whole family. What a wonderful adventure the next year will be. Please add me to your list so I can see your travels.
    Lots of hugs,
    Jill Knopoff

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