Worries and Wonderings

Posted by Maya

Well, it’s almost time.  In a little over a week, I will be picked up from my existence as a regular thirteen- year- old and dropped into a (literally) foreign lifestyle.  Am I excited? Of course! I mean, who else gets to travel the world at thirteen? This “trip” (can you even call it that?) will open so many doors for me. Plus, I am pretty confident I’ll have fun. But of course, I’m nervous. What if I loose touch with all of my friends and cousins? What if I come back next year and they’ve forgotten who I am?  What if (and this is one of my biggest fears) I have to MISS CAMP NEXT YEAR? Could it be that even though my stuff is all packed and ready, I’m not?

It’s really strange to me that by this time next year, I’ll have traveled the world. I really have no idea who I’ll be on July 26, 2012. This year will be such a life- changing experience, regardless of my fears and worries.  I’m sure everything will turn out okay.  So see you soon everybody! Ciao, bellas!

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22 thoughts on “Worries and Wonderings

  1. erica

    I can assure you that no matter where you are in the world, you will be thought of often and missed by all those who love you while we await your safe return – and all of your fantastic stories. Keep writing & I promise to keep reading. It’s going to be amazing!

  2. Megan Topper

    Absolutely amazing! Thank you for sharing this with me. I’m looking forward to following you around the world. We’ll miss the Goldman family very much at Shaarey Zedek but know that this is truly the opportunity of a lifetime! Safe travels!

  3. Denise

    Don’t worry, you will never be forgotten. Continue writing cause I can’t wait to hear all about you trip. Have a great trip, I’ll miss you!


  4. Bruce Cohen

    Have a wonderful time Goldman’s…we will be living through you.

  5. Rebecca Singer

    Maya, As a long time world traveler and liv-er of a not inconsequential portion of my life overseas person, I will say that what you will gain from this experience will most likely be way more positive than what you might miss. Even if it is camp.
    I can say that while living in Israel, Bulgaria, Liberia, Uganda and PNG (not to mention the foreign country of Colorado), has meant that some of my close ties have loosened. Yet, I can also say that had I not lived in those places, I would be a vastly poorer person (AND I would not have met your mom or probably your dad. . . or Susan Banki whom you will meet in Sydney). Or thousands of other interesting, funny, odd, intriguing, irritating and kind people.
    While I will be trying to lay down some roots this year, who knows? I might end up crossing the Goldman family path!

  6. Elaine

    I will miss you in Marco next winter – have a great trip!

    Elaine Shreiber

  7. Irwin Goldman

    Travel Trips From Rollfast

    Robert C. “Rollfast” Gremley is an 80 year-old man living in suburban
    Chicago. During his early years as a parent, he organized and supervised
    a number of youth trips to far-flung locations. The following are some travel
    tips from this King of the Road as he reflects back on his many years of

    1. You want it, you carry it

    (This tip is sublime in its simplicity and summarizes the zen-like wisdom of
    the Rollfast way. Travelers should, whenever possible, take responsibility
    for themselves and their stuff. Wanting is, in a sense, an admission of
    responsibility. Placing your stuff in another’s luggage stealthily is one way
    to deal with this situation effectively.)

    2. The first pancake never turns out well

    (This tip has been interpreted by some as a metaphor for birth order. As an
    oldest child, Maya Goldman would be the exception to this rule. It is not always
    possible to discern what Rollfast meant by this, but it is safe to say that the
    batter takes a while to congeal and the pan takes time to come to temperature.
    Perhaps the lesson from this tip is that patience is required in all serious
    endeavors. Another way to look at it is that it is better not to be the first one
    out of the tent in the morning.)

    3. One of the fuel bottles may contain scotch, another may contain gasoline

    (This tip reminds us that a family travels only partly on its stomach. The rest
    of the time, it may require medication or mood-altering substances. Do not
    neglect the latter. Everyone needs a break every now and then.)

    4. The map says we are here, but it looks like we are there (pointing)

    (This tip encapsulates the travel experience in a nutshell. Much of the time
    is spent pondering the wrong turn or missed sign, fretting about the approaching
    of the sunset and the despair that can set in when lost in unfamiliar territory. Often,
    one has the nagging suspicion they are on the wrong trail, and often, they are. The
    trick is to panic early, use a GPS device where possible, and do not trust
    anyone under 30 with a topographical map.)

    Safe travels, and don’t forget to remove the parking brake when backing out of
    the driveway.

  8. phil appel

    who is this maya goldman everyone keeps talking about?

  9. Wendy Strip

    Please know that we’ll be watching over your schools, your (our) neighborhood and, most importantly, your travels. You are not only taking this trip for yourself but for those of us who wish we were traveling with you. Thanks so much for your generosity in sharing your experiences with us. Bon voyage — or for the first leg of your trip . . . n’siah tovah!

    Wendy, Lexie and Eden

  10. Wendy Eisenshtadt

    Maya – You will have an amazing time and so many great stories to share with your friends and cousins who will be anxiously awaiting your return! Have an amazing time!
    Wendy Eisenshtadt (Kaitlyn’s mom)

  11. Brig

    Exciting times Goldmans! Enjoy it all, learn everything, post here often, and let us know if a year-long vacation really is–or always feels like–a vacation. I don’t mean that I think it will become burdensome–I’m wondering if the experience changes after you exceed the normal vacation time. Your homework–well, your travel-work–is to report on what this experience becomes.


  12. Jeff Zeunert

    I am sure with the blog you will not lose touch with friends! And on the “road” you’ll make some new ones. Have a great trip!

  13. Andrew Gremley

    I would like to issue a parental advisory that international travel in children can lead to premature evacuation of the nest by the said offspring. In some cases, exploration of developing countries often results in the future unexpected settlement in such places, an affliction which can last decades if appropriate measures are not taken. Particularly vulnerable include the second and third pancakes (see tip no. 2 above)

  14. Dear dearest Global Goldmans,
    I am reading all of this, feeling all choked up, and anticipating the wonder and excitement, challenges and trials of this trip for you. I will be thinking of you every day. Have an exceptional time!
    xoxoTracey, Mitch, Ethan & Sadie

  15. Lori Taylor

    have an amazing time! we can’t wait to follow your world travels!

    the taylors

  16. Sari Bari

    Maya! I miss you already, but I know you will have the most amazing time! Enjoy every moment! Don’t spend your time thinking about people back home because we will be here when you get back! I love you soooooo much!
    Sari ❤

  17. The Zavells


    Have an awesome trip. We look forward to following your travels. Enjoy this very special time in your lives and how amazing it is to be having this journey together as a family. Be safe! Be happy! Say hello to “cousin Itzik.”



    The Zavells

  18. Keri

    Safe Travels! Have fun.

  19. Judy

    I just said goodbye to all of you not even an hour ago, and I miss you already! No chance that I’ll forget you, Maya, or anyone else in your family, and that’s not just because I have your dog to remind me! I’ll be thinking of you guys all the time and will be eager for information about your adventures, so please keep us all well supplied with blog posts.

    Love you all!

  20. lucy appel

    have fun on your trip we will miss you

  21. Marilynn

    You have just left and we are missing you already. What will Friday nights be without the GoLdman Family. Have a wonderful, safe and exciting year.

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