The Dead Sea

Floating in the Dead Sea

Posted By Eva

Today we went to The Dead Sea. I did not care for the extremely salty water. It stung sooooo much! I screamed my way out of the water.  I learned that it’s not actually the salt that stings. It’s the minerals. We had to take freshwater showers to get the salt off.  It didn’t really help the pain though.

Next, we spread mud from the Dead Sea on our skin.  Aunt Susan told us the mud will make us look ten years younger.  Since, I am ten now and the mud made me ten years younger, that makes me six months old.  I liked the mud much better than the Dead Sea because it wasn’t as painful.

The mud!

Salt chunks sitting on the beac

The Dead Sea is 1388 feet below sea level.  This is the lowest place on Earth.  It is very hot there, both in and out of the water.  Nothing lives in the Dead Sea.   After being in it myself, I can see why.  Also, the Dead Sea is evaporating.   The Dead Sea is 9 times as salty as a regular ocean.

Susan chillin' in the Dead Sea

Since there is so much salt in the water, as soon as you pick your feet up off the ground, you start floating without even trying.  My dad fell asleep while he was floating, and he almost got to Jordan!  On the beach there are actually blocks of salt.  The air is also salty.  The Dead Sea was not a fun experience for me, but I will always remember it.

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16 thoughts on “The Dead Sea

  1. Beth Kimberly

    Hey Eva! I didn’t know the Dead Sea is the lowest place on Earth. So interesting! Do you think some people travel to the Dead Sea so they can be in the lowest place then go climb Mount Everest to be at the tallest place on Earth? Speaking of, I thought this was a fun Wikipedia page – Extremes on Earth: I wonder if you and your family will see any other extremes on your trip.

    P.S. How long do you think you’ll look six months old? Or does the mud bath ever wear off? 😉

  2. Sari Bari

    The whole experience sounds amazing (besides the burning!). Very funny about the mud! It made me smile 😉 XO

  3. Susan

    Eva—I loved your wonderfully written entry and remembrances. I, on the other hand, loved the Dead Sea and thought floating in it was very relaxing, even though the water was even hotter than bath water! Also, and so very important, it erased ALL OF MY WRINKLES!! Aunt Susan

  4. Allie

    Looks fun (too bad it burned!) I love your bathing suit! 😉

  5. Laurie Sabin

    Hi Eva. I enjoyed reading your entry about the Dead Sea. The Sabins miss your smiling face. We look forward to reading more about your travels. Laurie

  6. mags

    I remember floating in the dead sea with your dad and trying to create the image of “G9” for a photo shoot…I think he fell asleep then as well…
    love the posts…continue to enjoy!!

  7. Hey Eva:
    Great post! Was the water warm? Do you feel 10 years younger? Do you act 10 years younger?? Sounds like you’re having lots of fun! xo Lisa

  8. Jack

    Hi Eva & Goldman clan,

    Is your dad still falling asleep in the middle of activities. He can sleep anywhere; remind me to tell you stories. When I went for a “float” 15 years ago, it didn’t sting. Are you especially sensitive, or is the Dead Sea so much saltier that it is actually causing people pain? Thanks for reminding me of the “aroma” – kind of eggy, no? Be well.

    With love,


  9. lucy appel

    hey eva tht sounds pretty fun other then the stining but sounds fun it will be interesting 2 look like 1 year old 🙂 have a great time

    <33 lucy

  10. mel

    hi eva. i miss you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! today was the last day of camp i was balling! (haaa haaaaaa)

    xoxoxoxoxoxo mel 🙂 😉

  11. mel

    i hope your having a amazing time! 🙂
    Fatey, turtle, twwarlllawnachuahlahe, hamburgers, rache-ll, and my rose break window

    ! I MISS YOU!

  12. Esther V Asaf Katz

    Shalom Mishpaha Goldman

  13. jane appel

    have fun eva this is jane

  14. Mali - Kolshfar

    Hi David
    how are you?
    I would like to send your cousin the horn that you bought for her.
    But you did not call yet to update her address so I can’t send it.
    i did not have any other way to contact you ‘ so it is good that you left your website adress .
    Hope to hear from you soon
    Kol Shofar 04-6763307

  15. Elisabeth Zetland

    It was wonderful to be with you in Vered haGalil. We had a great time.
    I’ll try to send you the pictures later today!
    Hope to see you again next year!


    hello goldmans!!! i miss youuuu!!! isreal seems so funnn!! have fun in london!!xox

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