Toilets II

The "hetzi" half flush toilet in Israel

Post by Rikki

So first of all, all of the toilets in Israel have 2 flushes, 1 for pee and 1 for poop.   I think it’s because they have a water shortage. The pee uses less water and the poop uses more water.  The public bathrooms are cleaner than some in America.  The toilet paper is less soft than in America. Ouch!!!!!!!!!

This is Rikki Goldman, may everything flush smoothly.

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7 thoughts on “Toilets II

  1. mel

    thats funny

  2. lucy appel

    wow ricky haha

  3. Jackie Karz

    OMG! rikki! i love this!

  4. I had no idea there could even be two different kinds of flushes. I wonder which one you use for other stuff, like flushing a dead spider or if you throw up?

  5. jane


  6. Neil

    I don’t remember as much from my travels of almost 30 years ago as I wish or like, Rikki, but I think my best advice for you all is to shop for decent (soft) toilet paper or kleenex at a grocery store or market and bring it along when using public toilets.. If they’re anything like the US toilets, they’ll have the cheapest toilet paper available. You guys deserve better and your tushies will thank you!

  7. mara sabin

    i know my dad will like this i hope you had fun in israel

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