Israeli Kids- They’re Just Like You and Me!

Goldmans, Katzs and Noga in Jerusalem (Noga is the farthest right in the grey and white shirt)

Posted by Maya

On our fifth day in Israel, we met Noga Yanai.  Noga is our tour guide Itzik’s ten year old daughter and she came up to K’far Blum with us, the Katzs and her father.  Noga is Israeli- she has lived in Israel for almost her entire life.  However, she spent her toddler years living in New York, so she speaks English very well.  Almost better than I do.  On the bus up north, we started talking. It surprised me how much she is like a ten year old American girl. She is in fifth grade in a public school, goes to summer camp, and listens to Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift. Noga told us that her family doesn’t have a T.V. at home, but when she goes to her grandparent’s house, she watches Disney Channel. Of course, there are a few distinct differences- she speaks Hebrew at school and most of the time at home, and her family is moving to a Kibbutz, although they won’t be members of it.

I found this to be true with many of the other Israeli kids we met. Amitai Roseshine, also ten, loves to play sports, especially soccer and gymnastics, and he watches American t.v, like iCarly. He seems like every boy that had been in my fifth grade class.

Hanging with the Rosenshines in Jerusalem

Yasmin Zetland, the grandchild of my parent’s good friends Frannie and Danny Zetland, is only three, but she already seems like an American kid. She doesn’t speak English, but she does understand it. Yasmin loves princesses and horses, and only wears dresses and skirts. If that doesn’t sound like an American three year old, what does?

Yasmin with her bag of fun.

I guess that this isn’t so shocking- Israel is a very western country. I’m excited to see though, if kids are the same (or similar) in countries like China and Argentina. I am kind of hoping that they won’t be. It’s good to have a distinct culture. But, it is very fun for us if they are similar, because then we can identify with each other. We’ll just have to wait and see!

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6 thoughts on “Israeli Kids- They’re Just Like You and Me!

  1. I think the real question is how cute the boys are in each country. I can tell you that in Argentina the grown adult men are very good looking. (Don’t tell Jeff). Maybe you need a cute-o-meter.

  2. mel

    wow. thats really interesting.

    miss u lots! cu soon!


  3. Beth Rose

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us. It seems fabulous already! I am inspired to go to Israel.

  4. ted goldman

    Dear Family, We were so delighted with your last correspondence in print and on Skype for David’s early morning treat. We had another treat today when Fran& Danny called us on the phone. They were calling to see how Dad was doing…he is doing very well. We had a nice conversation and they raved about Your Family…individually; and as a Group! We appreciated the call. We plan to contact Arnie and fill him on all the news.
    Dad wants to announce that YOUR SHED now has a new roof. Does that mean it needs a fresh name plate?…afterall; you were the original Architecht! We have been glued ti the TV watching the U S Open…maybe you can see some…it is on ESPN 2.

    Aaron had back surgery this Monday. He is home and doing well. Dad had some Linus activity; which he enjoys. Irwin is back from Cornell; he had a good trip without problems from Irene’s Hurricane. We’re sure you heard about our weather. We called all of our East-Coast friends to check on them. Elaine was visiting her Family away from The Jersey Shore
    and had no damage. Elaine is loving your Blog…thanks from all of us.

    Today we received a birthday invite from Bella…the Party will be her 8th; on September 23.
    Aviv & Eliav start school tomorrow:Friday. Love to all. Mom & Dad

  5. Elisabeth Zetland

    Yasmin’s picture is really funny. Her ‘bag of fun’ was indeed full of princesses and horses!
    Waiting for the next post!
    Thank you for your email and kisses from Tel Aviv

  6. Maya, I love you. Ok ’nuff said… I fail to see how Ido is similar to the average American 14 year old… He’s in a special class of his own.

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