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Eva on the beach in Tel Aviv

As we have now been gone from Israelfor a little over a week, we need to put some kind of closure to this first part of our trip.  Let’s just start by saying it was great.  It was amazing to see all the changes that Israel has undergone since the last time I was there, twenty years ago.  It was incredible to see the kids witness and try to comprehend life in a Jewish state where Jewish holidays are National holidays and life truly does slow down and settle in for a rest on Shabbat.  And, most importantly, it was great to be able to reconnect with old friends and have the pleasure of making new ones.  The people who opened up their homes and hearts to us in Israel are what we will most remember.  Thank you Katz’s, Zetlands, Franks, Itzik, Eitan and Noga , Tzippi, The Rosenshines and many more.

So, here is a list of some of our favorites in Israel.

Top Ten (more or less) Israeli Favorites

  1. Hezekiah’s water tunnels in the City of David
  2. Archeology – Dig for a Day, Beit Guvrein
  3. Tel Aviv, city life
  4. Tour of the Rabin Museum with Udi Katz (okay, this was more of an adult favorite than a kid one.)
  5. Night view of the Kineret from the very bumpy jeep ride.
  6. Getting lost in the Golan with Jeremy Zetland
  7. Tel Aviv beaches
  8. Dead Sea (David only)
  9. Astro Turf lawn balcony at the Dan Panorama where we played with our cousins.
  10.  Being with the Israeli Katz family and the Zetlands
  11. Traveling with the Michigan Katz family and Susan.

We dig archeology!

Favorite Foods (We think food deserves its own category)

  1. Falafel – first night on Ben Yehuda St. in Jerusalem was the best.
  2. Shakshuka – tomato, onion and pepper sauté, with a poached egg nestled into a pocket .  (Tastes better than I can make it sound)
  3. Limon nana – introduced to us by our new friend Noga.  Lemonade with mint leaves in slushy form, nothing better on a hot Tel Aviv beach.
  4. Popsicles
  5. Bomba – imagine something like a cheeto, but peanut butter flavored instead of cheese.
  6. Israeli chocolate!
  7. Israeli breakfasts at the big hotels, we will be dieting the rest of the year because of these.
  8. Rikki’s pasta dinner made with Susan in our Tel Aviv apartment.

The market


Yasmin Zetland, entertaining Maya and Rikki

Dress code

I have no caption for this photo - the whole scene just cracks me up. Greg taking a picture for a very young religious couple with Rikki observing.


Tel Aviv fitness parks - we need these in Michigan!

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2 thoughts on “

  1. Thank you finally for a blog post! 🙂 I agree that food deserves its own category

  2. Judy Mintz

    I saw # 7 on your food list. Can’t remember if it was K’far Blum (we stayed there too with the Appels) or another but the chocolate molten cakes were served in mini coffee cups with swirls of cream in a heart shape! Hope you got to try some of those!

    Your trip sounds so fab so far. Glad you are all having so much fun. Your blogs are sooooo informative besides being fun to read.

    LOL to all of you. See you in October.

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