Happy Back to School!

Geography lesson - How to find our way around London

Posted by Amy

Just wanted to say Happy Back to School to all our school friends out there.  We actually are finding it a little sad not to be picking out  school supplies and calling all around to see who is in our classes.  Pack your lunch tonight and lay out your clothes.  Try your best to remember your locker combination, right-left-right…or is it left-right-left?  Whatever you do, don’t miss the bus!

As for our own schooling update, we are really just starting to transition into a routine.  For the last week, we stayed in a cottage in the Cotswolds in the English countryside.  It was the longest we have stayed in one place yet, and very much needed.  (Hopefully we can get a blog out soon describing our time there.)  We were able to start diligently having reading and writing time each day, and David has promised to get us started on gym class soon.  Up until now, gym class has mostly consisted of long forced marches, covering the same territory over and over again while we get lost and eventually found.

Tomorrow Maya starts her online algebra class, and I suppose it is a good a time to start math for Eva and Rikki too.  We have definitely picked up a lot of geography along the way and of course social studies.  We have met so many people who have told us their unusual, interesting and often inspirational life stories along the way.  For sure the kids have had their eyes opened up quite a bit about how different our lives are from so many other people’s around the world.

Wishing you a great day tomorrow and to all my mom friends out there…You made it!

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2 thoughts on “Happy Back to School!

  1. Sari Grossman

    Hi Goldman Family! It was very nice skyping with you earlier today! School starts on Wednesday for me. I’m still in Summer/camp mode though! 😦 Maya and I will be doing Algebra together only at different places around the world. I hope school goes well for everyone. Gym sounds more fun at the Goldman school rather than at my school! 🙂 Have an amazing time in France! XO

  2. Kareen Donegan

    Good luck with starting your studies! Cant wait to hear more about your English tramps! The chocolate tasting throughout the world could be a science experiment-just a suggestion:) Lucy tubed today in a raincoat and winter hat- others braved the temps in just their bathing suits- we missed you. xoxo-k

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