England Highlights

Maya’s Highlights Of England

Favorite (or as the English spell it, Favourite) Activity: Seeing Legally Blonde, Going to Platform 9 and ¾

Platform 9 3/4

Favourite Saying We Learned: “Mind the gap!” People say this when getting on or off the tube.

Favourite Place We Stayed: The Dragon House in Chipping Campden – cottage in the Cotswolds, English countryside

The Cotswolds - hiking through the farms

Favourite People We Met:  1. Danielle, the SixT lady from the Congo. She had a very inspiring story.     2. Erin, an 11- year- old girl we met in Chipping Campdon. She was very nice!

Biggest Regret: Not seeing Harry Potter or Waldo[1]1, an English lifeguard at camp whom my cabin was obsessed with.

Favourite Mode of Transportation: Top level of a Double Decker Bus

Favourite Food: Nothing, English food is AWFUL!  Although some of us did like the Elderberry Soda.

the food....

Favorite Museum: Wellcome Collection

Our favorite museum in London

Most Used Article of Clothing: Rain Jacket

If you squint maybe you can see the Queen, that's Buckingham Palace behind us.

[1] I may have seen Waldo, but I’m not positive it was him.

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5 thoughts on “England Highlights

  1. Maya, you would have known if it were Waldo, your Waldo Sense would have gone off.

  2. Denise

    Maya, I agree about the English food…ick…I’m also not a fan!

  3. Sari Grossman

    WALDOOOOOOOOOO Hey Hannah! Fancy meeting you here…

  4. Shari Cohen-Kairey

    My favorite photo is the one in the field with all of you flying. Mind the gap.

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