Toilet Blog Update

Posted by Eva

Hello everybody!

Unfortunately Rikki is unable to make it today.  I will be filling in for her. Today’s Segment: Toilets in Germany.  In Ludwigsburg, a town in Germany, there is a castle.  The Kings and queens that lived there had twelve rooms each of their own.  But, a toilet wasn’t one of them.

Instead, they had a toilet chair.  Imagine a throne with a hole cut out and a bucket underneath.   When the king had to go, he would ring a bell and have his servants bring the chair to him.   Also, when the king or queen wanted to take a bath (only once a month!) servants would bring a bathtub to them. Kings and Queens were called “filthy rich” because they were so filthy!  They would just cover themselves with perfume.  Poor people couldn’t afford perfume and had to take baths more often.  That’s it on TOILETS AROUND THE WORLD!  Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Maya, Eva, Rikki and Elena Mueller in front of the castle with no bathrooms.

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2 thoughts on “Toilet Blog Update

  1. Eva, what a wonderful description you gave us of the “life of lthe filthy rich.”
    Keep sending-we love ’em.
    Love, Monga and Grandpa

  2. Judy Mintz

    Loved reading about your latest “toilet blog” installment! Also, love seeing the photos of you girls all along the way. So glad you found the Sterns!!!

    xoxo to the fam
    Judy and Pepper

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