How to Order Gelato

Posted by Rikki

Ask for lots of tastes!


Today, I’ll be talking about how to order gelato.  For those of you who don’t know, gelato is the Italian word for ice cream.  First, you have to find a good gelato place.  The owner should be Italian or else you’re kind of doomed.  Second, you have to look at the display.  See if the ice cream looks fluffy.  A lot of natural colors and flavors are good too.  Third, order your gelato.  Don’t be afraid to ask for tastes.  You have to be very careful about ordering.  You have to ask for a small or say the price like, “ A 2 euro size please.”  Some places like to give the tourists extra large sizes and then charge them 10 euros!  But if  you’re Leo, go ahead and get the 10 euro size.

Firzenze - The gelato capital of the world

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8 thoughts on “How to Order Gelato

  1. Hummm….GELATO! Nice post!

  2. kareen

    melone gelato was our favorite in Firenze!

  3. Judy Mintz

    We’re enjoying gelato in Paris! Love all your posts. Sorry we will miss you here. We leave this Sunday.


    Judy and Pepper

  4. susie weiner

    i would like some coffee health bar crunch gelato and for the record susie weiner could down the 10 euro
    size too

  5. Sari Bari


  6. jane appel

    happy birthday rikkki

  7. lucy appel

    happy birthday rickky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Marlee Hooberman

    Is there a pickle flavored Gelato?

    Happy Late Birthday!!!!!!!

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