Flushed Away

A joint post by Rikki and Eva

Rikki first

This week we are on a houseboat in Southwestern France.  The houseboat is bigger than our boat at home but smaller than a normal hotel room.  The boat can sleep seven people.  We only needed to sleep five of course.  You might be thinking, “Well this will be an interesting Toilet Blog.”  Well, it will be, very interesting.


The first thing I want to tell you about the toilet is the paper.  Oy, the paper.  It is so frustrating because we can only use one square when we produce toxic waste.  We can’t use much toilet paper because we were told, it will clog the toilet and it will cost 100 Euro if the boat people have to come out to unclog our toilet.

One, only one!


Next, let me tell you about the seat.  It is always wet when you use it because it is VERY close to the shower, but Eva will write more about that later.  The last thing I need to tell you about is the flush.  When I want to flush the toilet, I have to push two separate buttons.  First, I have to push a button that fills the toilet pot with water, and next I push the button that actually flushes the toilet.  And just for a little information, all this gets emptied straight into the river.


Eva’s turn


The showers on the boat are also quite an interesting thing.  There are two showers.  One is just a shower room, but the other is a full bathroom with a toilet and a shower.  In the full bathroom, I can literally take a shower while sitting on the toilet.


How the shower works:

The shower head is also used as a sink faucet.  It is on a retractable hose.  You have to wrap a curtain around yourself.  Since the boat has limited water, I have to turn the water off when I put the shampoo in my hair.  The water sprays all over the place.  Taking a shower on the boat is a multitasking job.  I can clean the walls while I clean my body.  This is a real time saver.  For some of you busy people out there, you might want to consider buying one of these for your own homes.

Showering on the boat


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9 thoughts on “Flushed Away

  1. Rough bathroom! With all the sewage going into the river, it can’t be the prettiest nor the most inhabited by animals. I learned about the Chicago River issues during an boat tour recently. All of Chicago’s sewage used to go into the Chicago River–making it very dirty and getting people sick! It also used to make Lake Michigan dirty, but in 1900 people deepened a canal and built canal locks reversing the flow of the entire river! Now it flows all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. I just watched this video about the new Chicago sewage system — “Inside Chicago’s Sewage System” on History.com http://bit.ly/tvc2Sq — pretty gross, but also interesting. Toilets and the sewage system is an amazing wonder.

    I bet after you shower in that bathroom, most others seem cushy. I’m impressed! What an adventure the houseboat must be.

    • Well we didn’t eat any fish from the river, there were none. Maybe we should send the Chicago River Video to the French government.

  2. Sari Bari

    Sounds quite interesting! 🙂 The shower on the boat might still be more luxurious than the showers in Pioneer though and I know for a fact the toliet is nicer than Melvin and Matilda!

  3. Elisabeth Zetland

    You guys are so funny! kisses!

  4. Showers definitely nicer, just so you know, Amy and David, Maya has plenty of experience cleaning bathrooms.

    • I am definitely glad to hear this because Maya did not share that information with us.

  5. Just thought you should know. 🙂

  6. Marlee Hooberman

    How fun is that! (Just Kidding)
    Nice Pictures of you two.

  7. Shari Cohen-Kairey

    One square is just unacceptable. You lost me at “one”. Power to you guys for suffering through it. You could probably make it on Survivors.

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