In the Dark?

Posted by Eva

Last night we ate dinner ate a wonderful restaurant in London. It was called Dan le Noir? , which in French means In the Dark?  The thing that makes this restaurant so wonderful is that you eat in complete and total darkness! By the way, all of the wait staff is blind.

How it Works:

  1. You walk in the restaurant and a seeing person tells you about the restaurant and the menu.
  2.  You order your food.
  3.  Choice between meat, fish, vegetarian, or surprise, you don’t get the details of what you ordered, just the general categories.  You can tell them if you have allergies or other food restrictions.
  4.  Next you walk through a hallway.
  5.  Then your waitress/waiter directs you to your table in the dark.
  6.  Now it’s completely dark, no light to be seen!


What We Ordered:






When you come out of the dark you get to see what you actually ate. We all apparently tried new foods. Amy and I tried duck.  Maya and Rikki tried quail eggs.

It was kind of unusual at first, but then I got used to it.  A little.  Sometimes it was so hard to get anything on the fork, so I just ate with my hands! We thought, oh it’s okay since nobody could see us but when we got out they told us that there’s CCTV! (security cameras) Oh well.

It was interesting listening to other people’s conversations because you didn’t know what they looked like or who they were.  Rikki thought the people next to us were on a “Blind Date”.  It was somebody’s birthday so the whole restaurant sang Happy Birthday at one point, but we had no idea who we were singing to.

If you are interested in this restaurant there will be a more conveniently located in New York. At least more convenient than London. (opens in December)

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10 thoughts on “In the Dark?

  1. kareen

    i have seen this restaurant on Tv- it seems like a very odd experience. How did the food taste when you cant see it? Its very interesting to think about how much visual presentation plays into our enjoyment of food. Also, how are quail eggs considered fish?

    • Excellent point about the quail eggs not being fish. We were so confused it didn’t occur to us to ask. We should have had you with us.

  2. Eva-
    just love your writring. It’s BEAUTIFUL!
    Love, Grandpa and Monga

  3. Ron Diamond

    Looks great!

  4. Jane Hooberman

    SO COOL!!!!!!!

    Rikki I miss you!!:)

  5. Jane Hooberman



  6. Sari Bari

    Sounds like a great experience! How are quail eggs Mai? I feel like they would be better than beef tibs. 🙂

  7. Marlee Hooberman

    Sounds so cool!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Shari Cohen-Kairey

    OK Goldman Adventurers:
    I just caught up on your many wonderful experiences and I have so many favorites. I can picture everything and wish I were there, (most of the time).
    Keep on keeping on.

  9. Marlee Hooberman

    How were the quail eggs Rikki??
    Sounds very fun!
    I miss you Ricklyn!

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