Eva’s Strange Foods

posted by Eva 
Hello from China! One of my goals this year is to try new food. China has been a great place to work on this goal because they eat some pretty strange food in this country.
My first meal in China was FISH EYEBALLS AND FISH CHEEKS! I probally wouldn’t have ordered this if I wasn’t with somebody who knew what she was getting me into, a Chinese native. Outside the restaurant they had huge tubs of water with fish in them. We got to pick the fish out.  I also had frog legs, head, and other unidentified parts. It tasted a little bit like fish, in a good way.

Fresh Fish, market near Yangshuo

Fresh Fish, market near Yangshuo

Another thing I’ve notice is that although in China, they have some of the the same restaurants as in America, the menus have been changed to fit the culture here. For example, at Dairy Queen they have Green Tea Oreo Blizzards and at Starbucks they have Green Tea Lattes!
Some foods are just too strange for me to eat. They eat fried bugs, such as, grasshoppers and scorpions, they put them on a stick while they are still alive and then dunk them in extremely hot oil. Some of the strangest things are, bats on a stick, cats, and dogs! I’ve never actually seen bats on a stick but when my uncle lived here he said that he tasted them.

Bee larva, waiting to be fried...yum

Bee larva, waiting to be fried...yum

These strange foods are probably what their ancestors had available to eat, and so the tradition sort of carried on. Of course today in China they have almost every type of food available to them, but maybe they still keep these other foods around because they don’t want to forget about their ancestors.

Snakes, I think

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3 thoughts on “Eva’s Strange Foods

  1. Moshe and Rollie Frank

    Hi Guys, We are so enjoying your travels, we’re thinking of sending you out for another year. The descriptions and pictures are wonderful. Moshe andRollie

  2. kareen

    Hi all- I am proud of you for trying new foods and also proud that you knew when not to try new foods! Loving the blog posts. hope you are all doing well. We miss you- xoxo-

  3. sara appel

    good job trying new foods eva! im glad you didnt eat the bugs though…gross miss youu-sara

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