Soccer Girls

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 In Xi’An China, we had a tour guide named Clarence.  We asked him about his kids.  He told us that his daughter goes to a boarding school near where we were staying.  So when we asked him to take us to his daughter’s school, he thought that would be a great idea.  It was a sports boarding school. We saw the school buildings; the sports facilities and we met some of the kids at this school. 


     The school was for all aged kids.  I even saw kids who were only four years old living at this school.  Clarence’s daughter wasn’t the best on her team, but the school was trying to influence girls to play soccer.  I guess not a lot of girls play soccer right now in China.  There were other sports for other kids who lived there too.  There was ping-pong, long jump, wrestling, swimming, diving, gymnastics and weight lifting.  All these kids are trying to be the best maybe even to go to the Olympics.

     The first area of the school we saw was the practice field.  I thought it looked very professional.  It had a painted field.  It had the biggest goals that looked really fancy.  But the school building where the kids had their classes looked very plain.  Inside the classroom, they had row-by-row desks and no computers.  They just had a chalkboard.  There was nothing on the walls.  Even the dorm rooms where they slept were very plain.  The rooms did not look like my camp cabin because there were no posters and no personal stuff in the rooms.  I don’t even know where they put their clothes. 

     Even though the room looked sad, the kids looked very happy.  They were having a lot of fun.  Kids were rushing down the hallway to meet us.  I was scared, but they were excited.  They wanted us to sing, so we sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  We couldn’t think of anything else to sing.  They sang us a Justin Bieber song.  They spoke a little bit of English.  The kids all wanted to touch Maya’s hair and she took her ponytail down to let them feel it.  Twenty kids squeezed into a tiny little dorm room to take a picture with us.  They were really excited to see us. Image

     Even though it was bad conditions in the dorms and the classrooms, the kids still liked their school.  I would not like to go to a school like that because

  1. I am not that good at sports


2.  I would be homesick.

I am very glad I got to meet these kids, and I am very glad I don’t go to their school.Image

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3 thoughts on “Soccer Girls

  1. Laurie

    Hi Rikki! Amanda is sleeping right now, but I will show her this tomorrow! We also visited a school when Amanda was a baby and the kids were so excited to see us too. It is really different there and they get by with very basic things. I bet when you get home, going to the grocery store will be crazy! We remembered that feeling- we have entire aisles just for cereal and pet food. The bigger cities in China are more like home. I told everyone here that Amanda’s friend was in her province. What an amazing trip! And Rikki, you are such a great writer- thanks for sharing your experience.

    Mrs. Freeman

    • Hi Laurie,
      We’ve been thinking about Amanda and your family too while we are in China. The cultural differences are vast, but I’m sure you’d be surprised how much has changed since Amanda was a baby. This is our first trip, but everyone we’ve met here tells us that everything we see wasn’t there until the last few years. They are moving fast. Hope you are all well. Say hi to Amanda and everyone else.

  2. Leora

    bat on a stick was my favorite too!
    You were brave to try some of those critters, Eva!
    Love that the girls wanted to fondly your hair, Maya.
    Maybe you can pick up some exotic breed of louse there.
    We are with Grammy & Pa celebrating thanksgiving-and Aviv says it isn’t quite as fun without you. so true!
    missing you-and want to hear more about the toilets of the world.
    Leora and gang

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