Toilets of Asia

By Rikki and Eva (but mostly Rikki)

I know you have been waiting for a toilet blog for a loooooong time.  Now that we are in Asia it’s going to be a good one.

Before we got to China, toilets were either clean or dirty but now we know there are more ways to describe them!  They can be either a squat or sit toilet.  A squat toilet is a ceramic pot in the ground with foot grids on both sides.  Sometimes there’s a flush and sometimes you throw a bucket of water in to wash everything down.

Welcome to Asia

We have really worked on our thigh muscles squatting in China and Thailand.  Someone in our family, that shall remain nameless (but her name rhymes with peeva), takes off her pants entirely when she squats so she can keep dry.  But she improved, by the end of our time in China, she was only taking off one pant leg!

In the hutongs (these are old neighborhoods in Beijing) the people do not have toilets in the house so they have a hutong neighborhood toilet.

When you go to a 7-11 (they have those in China and Thailand!), you buy little Kleenex packages so you are prepared for the bathrooms.  But, you don’t throw toilet paper or Kleenex into the toilet you put it into the garbage can next to the toilet (Yuck) because the plumbing just can’t handle it.

In Thailand, they have little water hoses next to every toilet and you use it like a bidet.

After seeing the bathrooms (and streets) in China and Thailand, we understand why people take off their shoes before going into their houses.

When we went into the bathrooms in China and Thailand, we were not fully pleased.  There was no soap.  When I came into the bathroom to do my hair, I saw at least 20 people that did not wash their hands with soap!

There have been some very interesting toilets in China and Thailand and I learned some very important things:

1)   Don’t get pee on yourself when you squat

2)   Hold your nose while you’re going because the toilets often smell like fish balls (a favorite Chinese street food)

3)   Bring hand sanitizer and Kleenex packages everywhere you go

Stay tuned for the next edition of the Asian toilet diaries.

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7 thoughts on “Toilets of Asia

  1. Hannah Waldo Katz

    50 squats a day! All of you! lol 😛 Miss you!

  2. Sari Bari Grossman

    Good to know! Thanks for sharing 🙂 It gave me a laugh!!

  3. Laurie

    We laughed out loud! Amanda was cracking up! I had to remind her that I used those squatty potties holding her at 18 pounds in a baby carrier on the front of me- yoga was a good way to prep- we knew going in though! Can’t wait to hear more! It’s cold here in Michigan and getting dark so early now! Happy travels!


  4. Moshe and Rollie Frank

    Rikki, and Eva, did you know that not long ago in the kibbutzim in Israel there was a communal toilet, and showers. If you needed to go at night, you did it in a container, and in the morning walked with it to the communal toilet. Indoor plumbing is like a dream come true. Moshe

  5. Shari Cohen-Kairey

    It looks like the Kairey family may never go to China. You just sealed the deal with that very informative report.
    Keep those reports coming!
    Love to all,

  6. mara

    ha ha ha ha

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