Riding in the Rain

posted by Eva

The before picture...there is no after picture

A couple days ago we decided to take a two-day bike trip in the freezing cold rain!  We rode from Hue to Hoi An.  It was about 80 miles.  It felt a lot longer because it was very cold and very rainy.

While riding we passed a ton of people who wanted to practice their English, especially the kids.  They would all yell out to us, “Hello, what’s your name?  How are you?”  We answered back “Sin giao,” which means hello in Vietnamese, and they laughed at us.

Duck farming

Along the way, I could see duck farms and cemeteries.  The cemeteries were very unusual.  Each grave at the cemetery was like a Buddhist temple, even though some of the graves had crosses on them.  The reason why all these people could afford these grand graves was because their daughters had married foreigners and moved to the US, Canada, or Australia and they were sending money back.  The tradition here in Vietnam is to honor your ancestors after they die with houses so they can protect the family in the afterlife.  It seems like even the people who are Christian still practice this belief.

Cemetaries like we've never seen before

The company that took us on this bike trip was named Phat Tire.  There were two boys who rode with us, Tinh and Gong.  There was a van that drove behinds us.  If we got tired we could just hop in the van.  Seven miles of the second day were literally straight up so, Rikki, Maya, and I all got in the van.  My mom tried for a little bit and then got in the van with us.  My dad did the whole thing!

10 kilometers climb up to the top of Hai Van pass. This pass is 500 meters high and its name translates as “Pass of the Ocean Clouds”

I had fun on the bike trip but I would definitetly had more fun if it were in a different season! Eva on the road

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5 thoughts on “Riding in the Rain

  1. Nison Sabin

    Wow! U guys are really taking the non-tourist route. Congrats to David, my son.
    Grandpa Nison

  2. Sari Grossman

    That sounds absolutely amazing!!!

  3. Anne Jackson

    David congratulations on riding the whole trip between Hui and Hoi An, it would have been tough in good conditions! I am impressed that everyone else also gave it a go.

    We are now home enjoying a wonderful Australian summer and thinking and talking about our Vietnam trip frequently, thanks Goldman’s for being part of our adventure.

    Anne, Chris, Morgan & Elise

    • We are now in Australia and really enjoying how easy everything is for us here. Hope you had a good end of your trip. Loving your country (even though we’ve only seen Sydney!)

      • Anne Jackson

        Pity that you don’t have the time to see more of Australia but suspect you are finding it very expensive after your recent locations. Would have loved to show you our island state but Sydney is pretty and there is plenty to do and see there. Where are you off to next?


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