Vietnamese Foods

By Eva

We tried many new foods in Vietnam.  One of my favorites was Pho Bo/Ga.  It is noodle soup with Bo, beef or Ga, chicken.  I like it with beef.  In Ho Chi Minh City we ate at a restaurant called Pho 2000.  It is called Pho 2000 because in 2000 Bill Clinton at Pho there.

Picture of the picture of Prez Clinton and daughter Chelsea eating Pho

Egg coffee and egg hot chocolate is a Hanoi specialty.  We wouldn’t have ever found it if our guides Tra and Lingh hadn’t brought us there.   Egg coffee is whipped egg whites floating on top of the coffee.  It is delicious!

Egg Coffee in Hanoi

The word kem means ice cream in Vietnamese.  There is a really good ice cream place in Hanoi (the oldest ice cream shop in Hanoi too) called Kem Tien.  There is only one flavor, coconut.  It was one of the best ice creams I’ve ever had.  The place is very strange.  It is in a warehouse and people ride their motor bikes right inside the store!


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4 thoughts on “Vietnamese Foods

  1. Laurie

    That’s cool Eva! I just read this to Amanda and do you know what she said? She said, “I miss Rikki. School isn’t the same without her!” We’re enjoying all your blogs! We’re getting ready for Chinese New Year and Amanda is going to be a puppeteer in a production called the Stone Carver.

    Can wait to read about your next adventure!

    The Freeman’s

  2. Beth Kimberly

    Yum! I’m very jealous. Deb and I LOVE Pho! We’ve even tried making it once; it was good, but not as good as the restaurants make. I also really like Bahn Mi–Vietnamese sandwiches. They are delicious and only $2 in California and Washington. Of course, I’m sure it’s all much better there!

  3. neil

    It’s a funny thing about ice cream, Eva. It’s one of those foods that leaves a huge impression. When my sister and her boyfriend travelled thru Iran a few years ago, he said he had the best ice cream of his life there- it was rose-flavored. And Shayna and I pledge our allegiance to Giffords ice cream (any flavor) which we had when out in Maine.

    When you get back home, I’m sure you’ll find at least one decent Vietnamese restaurant where you can get a great bowl of pho. It’s the perfect winter meal. I always pronounce it “fo” but it’s supposed to be “fuh”. I think in Milwaukee we have 5 or 6 Vietnamese restaurants, but only a couple make really good bowls. We have a Pho 27 and a Pho 43 because those are the streets they are on. Not the most original names, but that’s how they do it in most big cities. The best tasting phos seem to come from restaurants where you don’t want to know how clean or unclean the kitchens are. We just figure it has to be cleaner than what we would get if we actually were eating in Vietnam!

    As always, I look forward to reading your exploits and adventures. Love to all the other Goldmen!!

  4. Nison and Doreen

    Eva, u write so beautifully..
    By the way, I just love coconut ice cream.
    We’re in Nashville, Tenn. now.
    Keep the blogs coming
    Love, Grandpa and Monga

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