Guest Toilet Bloggers – India

Guest Toilet Blog #1

By Benji Katz

Benji tells all.

After a long day of touring Jaipur, we returned to our hotel and before we were going to head off to dinner, I decided to stop and use the bathroom.  So I went and did my business, but when the time came to flush, I could not figure out how to work the toilet.  There were no motion sensors or flush buttons on the toilet.  The only thing I could see was this small metal bar with a button on the top hanging near to me.

Without any other ideas on how to work the toilet, I pressed the button and with a yelp, jumped back as a jet stream of water shot out drenching me, and making it look like I just wet my pants.

When I finally came out and explained my story to the rest of the group, they all burst out laughing at me.  Aunt Amy informed me that it was obvious I had not been keeping up with their blogs or I would have known the device was used as an alternate way to clean yourself in the bathroom.  I will not be making that mistake again in the future.



Guest Blog #2

By Emily Hersch

Emily, onsite and reporting

Hello, my name is Emily Hersch and I am honored to be a guest blogger on the Goldman’s Toilet Blog.  Uncle Brad, this one is for you…

The other day the bus stopped off the road for a short break.  My dad, Ed, and David decided they needed to use the restroom, so they were gust going to go for a “walk” in the woods.   But then, Amy and I realized we needed to used the restroom too.  We had our guide, Vineet, ask an old lady where there was a toilet we could use.  She motioned us to follow her.  She did not speak any English.  Any and I were nervous about what the condition of the restroom would be like.  We knew it was not going to be good.

This nice old lady then pointed to a circled, muddy area filled with papers and bottles on the ground.  We realized our restroom had no toilets at all, also, no sink, no roof, no walls!  We actually figured this was probably better than what we were expecting since we were in the fresh air and all.  We squatted, did our business, and since we were in a junk yard, we just threw our papers on the ground.  That was the benefit of the outdoor restroom.  Welcome to India!

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6 thoughts on “Guest Toilet Bloggers – India

  1. Sari Grossman

    Funny Stories! Keep updating your toliet blog!

  2. Ann Ellenbogen

    There’s an interesting “bathroom” deep in the rainforest of Kalimanton (Borneo), at Camp Leaky, the Orangutan study, rehab,and release facility. It’s called the Mandi room and is attached by a shared porch to the visitor/researchers dormitory. Want to use the facilities? Unlock the door (locked to prevent Orangutans from breaking in), squat over a tiled hole in the ground, put your used toilet paper in a nearby paper bag, and rinse the hole with a dipper of water. Once a day, a dorm resident takes the toilet bag to the dump to be burned.
    A few feet away from the tiled hole is the “tub”, about three feet by three feet, and with walls also about three feet tall. It is NOT for taking a bath. You keep it full by operating an adjacent hand pump. To clean yourself, you stand over the hole and pour the icy water over yourself with a big dipper. All the while, orangutans are lying on the roof, peering into the Mandi through cracks in the ceiling, curious about what is going on!
    All in all, bathing is preferably done in the river, with orangutans busily stealing your soap and shampoo from the dock, soaping themselves up, and licking themselves clean!

    • Now, that story is worthy of it’s own toilet blog! This must have been very amusing for the orangutans.

  3. Anne Jackson

    Wow India looks amazing! It is not a place I have ever really wanted to go but after seeing your photos and reading the stories it has become more appealing.

    • Hey Anne, We just left Sydney today and were actually able to hook up with Katrina, Craig, Brooke and Jade. They were in visiting for the weekend. We were thinking of your family too. India was quite the experience. Now we are in New Zealand and pick up a camper van tomorrow for four weeks of who knows what. Hope your family is well.



  4. I always find it funny when people learn about those kind of toilets. Oddly enough, they aren’t as comical as this one. Never used one myself, so I don’t think I could have a preference.

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