India Roads- Replay

Without any prior knowledge of the other’s writings, Eva and David had both written a blog about life on the roads in India.  In the interest of encouraging writing, we thought we should publish both even though they may seem a bit redundant.

by Eva

We have been driving around Rhajastan for three weeks. There are a lot of things to see on the side of the road. There are so many animals. We saw cows, goats, bulls, dogs, cats, peacocks, camels, elephants, donkeys, monkeys, horses, crocodiles, sheep, chickens, boars, and very pretty birds! These animals are walking on the street as if they were cars. People are also doing strange things on the side of the road; going to the bathroom, cooking, eating, laundry, shaving, washing dishes, black smithing, cleaning instruments, making kites, and bathing!
It’s CRAZY here!

This cow actually walked up to a parked motorcycle, pulled the scarf off the handlebars and had a meal. We saw the whole thing.

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3 thoughts on “India Roads- Replay

  1. Cathy Smith

    Sounds like an unbelievable trip! The pictures are AMAZING! Thanks so much for keeping us posted. Hope to hear from you real soon! xoxox

  2. jack

    That ain’t no cow – that’s a bull! But that’s an udder story.

    • Jack! so glad you’re following the blog. Hope all is well in Evanston. You would like the wedgetarian offerings in India. I think I saw Dean Balculus at an ashram in Agra. He still had his handlebar mustache only now it fit right in with all the rajput indians. I posted some more pics on the Rahjastan post so take a look back. Dovid

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