13 Ways to Embarrass Your 13 Year Old Daughter

by Amy and David (without too much imagination, you can probably determine which parent does the most to further this cause.)


  1. Asking for anything special or heaven forbid returning a meal at a restaurant, or in any way inconveniencing the wait staff…or having any conversation with the staff on any topic at all.
  2. Wearing a plastic bag as shorts at a public venue (understandably, this is actually embarrassing, but the ground was wet and we were picnicking at an outdoor concert, so what is a father to do, really?)
  3. Speaking English with the accent of the foreign language of the country being visited.
  4. Photographing, admiring and touching strangers’ bikes and cars when walking down the street.  But isn’t this much less embarrassing than actually touching strangers?
  5. Speaking loudly, or in any voice above a whisper.
  6. Singing in public is not allowed.  Strangely, dancing in public is allowed.
  7. Asking questions of a personal nature including, “What did your parents die of?  What medications do you take? Why did you get divorced?  Where are you from? How much does this cost?  Where is the train station?”
  8. Publically praising your 13 year old.
  9. Stopping to take pictures in the middle of the road.
  10. Arguing with police officers.
  11. Doing self serve at a full serve restaurant, or going behind the service counter for any reason.
  12. Public nudity (don’t ask!)
  13. Writing a blog post about 13 ways to embarrass your 13 year old daughter.
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16 thoughts on “13 Ways to Embarrass Your 13 Year Old Daughter

  1. Sari Grossman

    Great post! I can definitely relate!

  2. kareen

    Maya- i feel for you! Just remember that when you have children you can enjoy embarassing them constantly- and dont think you will be the “cool” mom, we all thought that and look how we turned out!

    Amy and David- I am laughing hysterically picturing these situations- k

  3. phil appel

    david, when did you turn into bob appel

  4. Judy G

    I love it—even when embarking on this amazing adventure around the world, some things don’t change. I really do need to know more about the arguing with police officers and the public nudity….

  5. erica

    2-Definitely David.
    3-Unquestionably David.
    4-Absolutely David.
    5-Certainly David.
    6-Undeniably David.
    7-Uncontrovertably David.
    9-Utterly David
    10-Positively David.
    11-Inarguably David.
    12-Categorically David.

    All done without a thesaurus I might add. Amy, it was generous of you to add your name to this post, but back here in the good ol’ US of A, those who know you know the truth! Enjoy the camper van adventures and good luck on the road!

  6. Judy Mintz

    Feel for you and all 13 years olds. I was once one of you! That said – the responses are hilarious to read. Makes me feel like “the gangs all here” at least in spirit!

    Enjoy Australia/New Zealand:)


  7. Nison and Doreen

    Likred them all, but, must tell U #6 is the one we identify with the most..
    Wow-U hit the nail on the head!

  8. Hannah Waldo Katz

    I can not explain how much I love this.

  9. jack

    Great post! It’s quite obvious (and wonderful) to see that what you’re really saying is how much you both love your kids. (D’oh! Another “embarassment” to add to the list!) Glad to see you have not “changed”. If they knew you at their ages, they would see that you’re not doing anything you haven’t done your entire lives. Love to read of your exploits and insights!

  10. Ann Ellenbogen

    But there must be a story behind #10…..

  11. Love it!

  12. Shari Cohen-Kairey

    Love it. I have been there and done that. No, not the plastic bag over clothes, or public nudity (must hear more about that). Here’s the deal. It was bound to happen. Even cool, fun parents like you guys must endure the bouts of temporary distain your teenagers will sometimes have. Not to worry, they don’t hold a grudge and will appreciate you for all of those embarrassing experiences, and more. Wait for the college epiphany. They are truly grateful.

    Keep fighting the fight.

  13. Elisabeth Zetland

    so funny!

  14. esthet katz

    made me remember a few similar incident, if you ask Noa she’ll tell you I keep doing it…
    love, esther

  15. Feber

    Hang in there maya! So funny!

  16. mara

    i’m with you maya

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