New Zealand – Big Land, Big Car

by Amy

New Zealand is a beautiful country.  There is so much to see and do and describe to you all, and when time permits, I will write a nice long blog all about it.  But, for now, we just wanted to show everyone how we are tackling this trek across the newest land on earth (New Zealand is in fact the most recent landform made.)

Day One, on the road. Yes, we bought the full insurance package.

Some might think traveling for a month in a campervan is a gutsy move seven months into our trip.  Some might think this is even a little bit foolish.  Some might be right about this.  But, still sometimes you just do it for the stories you can tell later.

Maya and Eva's bedroom "upstairs"

Dining el fresco

And, this is why we came here. Seal colony near Kaikoura on the Pacific

More to come…

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4 thoughts on “New Zealand – Big Land, Big Car

  1. Nison and Doreen

    You’ve got a new bedroom and we’ve got a new bedroom. We’re feeling very attached to u.
    Love the pix.

  2. robert appel

    You guys look great! We are so enjoying traveling with you. Stay well. lani and bob

  3. hey, will you be in Dunedin? If so, please find 95 London Street and say hello to one of my favoirite old apartments. Other highlights were the Milford Track, the Franz Josef Glacier, Bay of Islands, and Rotorua. And stay away from earthquakes – guess yesterday was the first anniversary of the tumblor in Christchurch that killed almost 200…. Keep having fun and safe travels!

    • We were just in Dunedin yesterday. So sorry we hadn’t seen this yet. We could have taken a picture for you. Of course it was pouring rain. We did catch the Cadbury tour though. When did you live in Dunedin? Were you a student there?

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