Aussie Foods

posted by Eva

In Australia I was surprised how many new foods I tried.   Maya was more adventurous than I was when trying Vegemite! I didn’t actually try it. Vegemite is yeast extract. Our friends take Vegemite sandwiches for a school lunch, bread with butter and a little bit of Vegemite. Maya said that Vegemite tastes sardines and soy sauce.

"He just smiled and gave me a Vegamite sandwich"

I didn’t want to try Vegemite, but when it came to lollies (sweets) I had no trouble tasting them.  Tim Tams are chocolate cookies covered in chocolate, tasted pretty good.  Another tasty Australian dessert is ice chocolate. Ice chocolate is sometimes served as a chocolate milkshake and sometimes served as crushed ice with chocolate syrup. I like the milkshake one better!

I think the reason I didn’t care for kangaroo was because they are such cute animals.  How could you possibly eat them?  Kangaroo tastes like steak, but the thought of eating a kangaroo makes it unappetizing!  David had no problem with this and said it was one of the best steaks he has ever eaten.

Is this Kanga or Little Roo?

This one was safe in the zoo.

Meat pies are okay. Rikki and Maya really like them but I don’t care for them. Meat pies are meat and usually some vegetables stuffed into a pie crust. They are cute little pies made for one.    The way Australians order it is with rhyming slang.  They say  “I’d like a dogs eye and horse.”  This translates into “a meat pie and sauce.” (Sauce is kechtup) – If you say it in an Australian accent, it actually rhymes.

The local meat pie stand in Coogee Beach

Finally, no one really makes “Shrimp on the Barbie.” It’s just what Americans say when they try to talk like Australians! We learned that Australians call shrimp, prawns, and the best way to make “prawns” is not on the “barbie”!

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5 thoughts on “Aussie Foods

  1. Nison and Doreen

    U kilLEd our stereotypes.
    We were gong to Sarasota tonight for SHRIMP ON THE BARBIE!
    Love , Grandpa and Monga

    • Ron

      The tip of the nose is the best part of a kangaroo. A little chewy, but tasty. Also, try the eye balls. They are crunchy, but have a nice salty flavor.

  2. DebbieDeborah

    If you think TimTams are good, you have to try a TimTam Bomb–bite the ends off a TimTam and use it as a straw with milk. It was the biggest thing when I was there! Love, DebbieDeborah

  3. Eva:
    You are a very brave traveler/foodie – very impressive! Glad you guys are having great adventures – thanks for the post – lots of fun to read.

  4. mara

    love you eva,maya you wont try milk yet you eat veggiemite?
    love mara

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