Toilets Down Under

by Rikki

Toilet optical illusion room at Puzzling World in Wanaka, NZ

A lot of people have asked us, “Do the toilets in the Southern Hemisphere really flush counter-clockwise?”  From my scientific research, I found out that the toilets of Australia and New Zealand d not flush counter-clockwise. The toilets flush exactly as they do at home.  The toilets in OZ (Australia) weren’t very thrilling.  However, the toilets in N-ZED (New Zealand) were very interesting.

First of all, we are living in a camper for one month in N-ZED.  It’s a common way for people to get around.  We stay at Holiday Parks, which are parking lots where you park your campervan or trailer.  There is a toilet in our R.V., but for a while we didn’t use it because it was smelling awful. Every day for some reason, we found toilet water on the floor coming up through the drain.  That was the bad odor we smelled.  So we got some air freshener spray and my dad made several stops at the hardware store and talked to a lot of people and finally solved the smelling problem.

Emptying the toilets takes a lot of teamwork.

It’s never fun to clean a toilet, but think about having to actually empty your port-a-potty every day.  It’s very important for the environment to ONLY dump your waste in approved dump spots.  When we need to dump the toxic waste from the toilet, we go to the dump-station, which is a drain in the middle of the Holiday Park.  We take the tank out from under the R.V.  We dump it, and once we are done dumping it, we rinse it with water twice and put a good smelling sachet inside.  The sachet makes it smell good as it could be and also breaks down the solid toxic waste.

The lovely smelling sachets.

I didn’t think that I would have much to write about toilets in New Zealand, but I did.  I wonder what we will find in Buenos Aires? (Argentoilets

Toilet sign for the women's bathroom at the bungy jumping place

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