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Posted by Rikki:

Nothing new to report on toilets, but I have this graffiti blog instead…hope you like it.  Take it one flush at a time.  Rikki.

Rikki's Toilet Blog

There is so much graffiti in Buenos Aires, you might think it’s legal.  But the truth is, it’s illegal.  Out of all the places we have been, Buenos Aires has, by far, the most graffiti.  The reason why there is so much graffiti here is that when the people are mad at the government one of the ways they show their anger is by doing graffiti.  If I wrote on the walls when I got mad, our walls would be colorful and exploded with graffiti and my parents would be like the government trying to figure out how to clean it up.  They would be exploded with anger.

Pretty Graffiti

Interesting Graffiti

Scribble Scrabble Graffiti

1976 to 1983, Argentina was under a dictatorship.  During this period, people would be put in jail or maybe even killed if they did graffiti.  The government kept everything looking like Oz except it was beige instead of emerald green.  After the dictatorship, the people were really mad at the government so they started to express how the felt through graffiti.

Some of the graffiti here in Buenos Aires is beautiful….masterpieces really.  Others are just words in Spanish that I really don’t understand. They could be swear words for all I know.  Some of it is just scribble scrabbles.

Some of the graffiti, as you know, is ugly.  I feel like it ruins the look of the city.  But some of the graffiti is quite beautiful and makes the city more interesting to look at.  I can’t really think of a solution right now, but  if you have a solution, I’d love for you to write back to me in the comments section and I’ll pass it along to La Presidente, Sra. Cristina de Kirchner.  Thanks for reading!

Graffiti I swear my dad didin't do

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5 thoughts on “Rikki’s Toilet Blog about Graffiti

  1. nison and doreen

    Rikki, thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog on graffiti. I think the ability to write in an interesting
    manner is endemic with your entire family.
    Love, N&D

  2. nison and doreen

    and the picture of your head on the toilet-WOW! great phots. N&D

  3. mara

    rikki i need a toilet blog update and 4 u 2 skype

  4. Beth Rose

    Rikki, I don’t have a solution for you, but I do love your blog. I thought Buenos Aires was a beautiful city–graffiti and all. I hope you are having a great time. Molly misses you and says hello! Mrs. Rose (Molly’s mom, of course!)

  5. Sari Bari Grossman

    I love the unicycle graffiti and of course the caption put with it. Hope all is well and can’t wait for your return!

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