The Amazon – Tambopata Reserve

posted by Eva

The Tambopata River

Last week, we were in the Amazon.  We flew to Puerto Maldanado, then took a four hour boat ride up the Rio Tambopata to get to the lodge.

There are many plants used for different things in the Amazon, such as a fruit that can be used to treat cancer instead of chemotherapy, it’s called Nino.  There is also a plant called Cana Cana used when you have a cold or a fever.

Another cool plant is called Huito, it’s used for tattoos. The seeds of the fruit are the part used for making the tattoos.  You can dip a stick into the seeds and then paint the juice from the seeds onto your skin.  It goes on clear but in two hours, it is bright blue.  The tattoo stays on for ten days.

Huito fruit

Kids who live in the Amazon like to put Huito on their skin to prevent bug bites.  I got three tattoos, a tarantula on one hand, and a pirana on the other.  My third tattoo was a mustache on my finger.  Rikki got earings, jaguar footprints, and a watch.  Maya got a lightening bolt and a house.  My dad got a bicycle, and my Mom got an embarrasing sun tattoo on the back of her neck.  My Dad said it looked like a prison tattoo.  She said she liked it though.

When we get home, I can give you a tattoo!

More Amazon pics:

Swimming in the Amazon

Rikki’s Earings as provided by our excellent rainforest guide/tattoo artist Pedro

Maya’s artwork

Hiking through the mud

Eva’s mustache

The world’s largest rodent – the capybara

Beautiful Brasil nuts

Cool bugs!

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7 thoughts on “The Amazon – Tambopata Reserve

  1. nison and doreen

    Great post Eva. Can’t help but wonder how such intesting and intricate tattoos can be created with clear ink. How can you see where to put the second stroke? Liked your mud boots. They were fery shic and fashion forward.

  2. susie weiner

    I just loved these last two posts– as a girl who would really like a tatoo –10 days seems a great trial– how is it going? does amy still like hers? it is our first sunny day here in a while- samara is out selling lemonade– eli had an early early tennis match and now is playing drums really loudly with his band– and evie is in nyc with dad buying new point hsoes– oh– yay me– i am sunning with a great new book care of my friend polly!! miss you all tons”cousin susie

  3. Shari Cohen-Kairey

    OK, you lost me at the capybara. I’m still shivering. Is the Amazon really clay colored or does it just photograph that way? Keep on enjoying those adventures as only the Goldmans can. Buz has ruined us Cohen’s forever with his fear of animals and all things ickey.

  4. Hannah Katz

    I love Eva’s mustache tattoo, Rikki’s watch, and of course, Maya’s lightning bolt (Potterheads for life!) Remember guys, no real tattoos!

  5. jean Goldman,zoe diamond

    wow,i cant believe a fruit can cure cancer !!!!!!!!! your trip looks so much fun and i wish i could be with you now,i miss you guys sooooooo much 😦 i hope we can all be together in the lake house i miss Aviv’s talent shows and all our contests,hope to see u soon

    love,zoe and grammy

  6. Sari Grossman

    I love the mustache tatoo! I hope everyone is doing well! Xo
    Sari 🙂

  7. Brig

    All along I’ve been only a little bit jealous of your trip. Now I’m completely beside myself with envy: you saw capybaras in the wild! I love capybaras! Can you bring me one?

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