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Hi, it’s me, the Rick.  I know I haven’t written a toilet blog in a really long time, but I have 3 very interesting toilet observations for you today.  The first observation was the toilet from our campground on our trek to Machu Pichu.  I never used the toilet myself, I prefer to be at one with nature.   From what other people told me, this toilet was nasty.  From the outside, it was just a tent that our porters set up for us at every camp ground.  The inside was a hole with a lot of toxic waste in it if you used the toilet late in the morning.  It was probably best to be one of the first users in the morning. 

When we finally got to Machu Pichu, we were told where the public restrooms were.  They were located way up at the entrance.  There were no bathrooms on the Machu Pichu grounds at all.  We were not supposed to pee at all at Machu Pichu.  We had to wait until we went back to the entrance to go to the bathroom.  But, of course, my dad had to go.  He snuck off to a corner to do his business.  All of a sudden three security guards came rushing to him.  When my dad turned around he showed them the bottle he had used for his own portable potty.  When the guards saw his bottle, they were so happy he hadn’t messed up Machu Pichu.  No one had ever thanked my dad for using a pee bottle before.  We usually yell at him when he tries to do this on our car trips.  The security guards were probably thinking, this liquid looks a lot like Inca Cola.  (This is a famous pop in Peru that looks a lot like a dehydrated man’s pee.)

Looks a lot like a sample you leave at the doctor’s office, right?

My third toilet observation took place in Puno, Peru.  Puno is famous for having the highest altitude lake in the world, Lake Titicaca.  People live on this lakes on the floating islands.  The floating islands are man made islands woven from a reed called Totoro reeds.  These reeds can also be used to make boats and can even be eaten.  We were told that today, the people have made separate islands for the bathrooms.  Before they made the special bathroom islands, they used to just dump all their toxic waste right into the lake.  Did I mention the lake was called Lake Titicaca.  That might be how they got the name.

Dressed as the locals.

Thanks for reading!

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3 thoughts on “Banos blog

  1. Judy G

    While I’ve really enjoyed all of the blog postings, and especially the toilet blogs, this one ranks up their as one of my all-time favorites. The image of David getting busted for peeing in public, only to then be praised for using a bottle, is priceless. And I love the Inca Cola comparison to a dehydrated man’s pee. Rikki (I mean, The Rick), you clearly hold your own in a family of great writers. I’ll be so glad when you all return, but I have to say, I’ll really miss your blog postings!

  2. Karen Davis

    Your blogs are fantastic!!! Thanks for all your updates!!!

  3. susie weiner

    I am with judy G here- this was a fantastic blog here today– i might just share it with my 4 year old class tom… shavuot is coming and all – 10 commandments- peeing in public- you got it– Riki just to clarify have you ever seen Mt Dew just drank one today- and why is it mans pee not wooo man? have i missed something?

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