Obama’s Secret Service Needs a New Travel Agent

Posted by Amy

I am not sure which Tripadvisor page the Obama secret service was accessing for their trip to Colombia.  Hotels? Flights? Other?  Must have been other.

Although those Secret Service boys got all the press, we must say Colombia is a great place to travel (even for a family).  The days of drug cartel kidnappings are over, and there is a lot of optimism about the future.  There are a lot of Americans here on legitimate business and frankly the Secret Service scandal was a huge disappointment for the Colombians.  Here they were anxious to showcase themselves in the global media showing how far they’ve come and what a great place this is for international investment these days.  Instead all they got was a new reality TV show, Secret Service Gone Wild.

We spent a great couple days in Bogota and then a the weekend at the farm of our friends, Eduardo Uribe and his wife, Diana Gaviria and their three boys, Mateo, Felipe, and Alejandro.

Here are some of the interesting sites those Secret Service guys missed…

  1. A visit to the Museo del Oro – pre-Columbian gold!  These are the treasures those invading Spanish Conquistadors were dreaming of.  I don’t know my history  well enough to know how much the Spaniards absconded with, but the immensity of this collection shows why the greedy little buggers came for the plunder.  Glittery and shiny the Secret Service surely would have been attracted to this collection.
  2. The Fernando Botero musem.  A great collection of Botero’s work and his own personal art collection as well.  Those voluptuous bodies captured our attention for a good afternoon and the Secret Service could have certainly found a picture or two to gape at there.
  3. Bike Tour of Bogota.  We didn’t get to do this, but we tried.  The tour owner/guide wanted us to have our own guide because of the kids, but the guide never showed up.  Later our friend Diana, told us the tour might not have been so good for our family because they do make a stop in the red light district…but again, a perfect activity for those Secret Service boys.
  4. A meal at Andres’ Carne de Res (translates into Andres’ Meat of Beef).  This was a really fun restaurant out in the country.  Apparently this is a very popular weekend outing for the Bogota restaurant goers.  Andre started cooking as a roadside barbecue stand and has since increased to a 2000 seat restaurant.  The food is good, but the ambience is the real attraction.  Andre is a junk artist and everywhere you look are sculptures and pieces of art made of reclaimed objects.  Needless to say, David’s garbage picking desires were piqued.  This restaurant is all family friendly until about 9:00 and then it turns into a dancing on the tables all out party scene.  Something for everyone.
  5. The best thing we did during our time in Bogota was visit the Uribe farm.  Eduardo and Diana and their three sons Mateo, Alejandro and Felipe invited us to their farm in Subachoque about an hour and a half outside of Bogota depending on traffic.  We actually spent the night at Diana’s parent’s horse farm nearby where her dad bred the 1998 Kentucky Derby winner, Real Quiet.  The next morning we traveled down the very bumpy road to Eduardo and Diana’s own farm and spent the most amazing day relaxing while looking at the hills and eating the feijoa fruit growing in their orchard. Eduardo planted hundreds of trees that produce this most delicious fruit.  The sheep had just been sheared last week and the kids had a great time cleaning the wool, which quickly turned into an all out water fight.  And then the dip in the pond to clean off.

We will forward this itinerary to the guys in Washington so that their next trip is more wholesome.  Had they spent a little more time enjoying the physical scenery instead of just the physical….they would have seen that Colombia is a wonderful country to visit and is filled with wonderful people, scenery, and history.

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One thought on “Obama’s Secret Service Needs a New Travel Agent

  1. davida Robinson

    Agree! We shared some of the same Bogota highlights and also felt very safe. The Colombians couldn’t have been nicer and wanted to make sure we return to the US with positive feelings about their country.

    Continued safe travels.

    Morah Robinson

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