Tales from the Trail
is a blog from the Goldman family about our trip around the world starting in August of 2011. We are a team of 5 from Michigan. The team consists of David (that’s me), Amy (wife and co-conspiritor), and our three daughters: Maya (12), Eva (10) and Rikki (8).

When all of the stars aligned for us, we decided to seize the moment and head out on the road for a year of madcap adventure while we still had the chance. The kids are at good ages to be uprooted without too much turmoil and Amy….well, we still have our health….kidding aside, we wanted to explore the world and expose ourselves to all that is out there. Our plan is to visit 5 continents over the course of 11 months. The plan is to start with our sister and brother in law and their family on a trip to Israel in early August and end in South America in July of 2012.

This blog is meant as way for us to record our thoughts, communicate with friends and family, and give the kids some practice writing. We look forward to sharing our trip with you.


5 thoughts on “Why?

  1. -D

    Hi guys….I’m just testing out how this response thing works on the blog. I like all of your entries. How ’bout we do some more this weekend? I started a new one called “Cat’s out of the Bag” and it’s about trying to keep the idea of the trip private and how challenging that has been.

  2. Jack

    Hello Goldman family! M, E, & R, you haven’t met me yet (I’m like the uncle that the family doesn’t talk about, but hasn’t completely disowned yet. I don’t know why; I shower once a month whether I need to or not?!), but college with your dad was the best 7 years of our lives. Best of luck to you all! You’re going to have an amazing trip. I can’t wait to hear about your experiences and how you feel about it all. I have the title of your book already: “Who needs a belt when you’ve got an inner tube?” Too wordy? I’ll work on it. Hasta la vista…

  3. Andrew@originpop.com

    Dear Goldmans — thinking of you as your adventure of a lifetime gets underway. We are 2 1/2 weeks before Morgan & Tyler are back in school. Shari and I become official empty nesters. I guess we will all soon be having our adventures. However, I do not think our blog (shari & me) will be as adventurous as yours.

    HAve a blast and let me know how the one backpack per p[erson is working out. Have you become the family schlepper (sp?)

  4. mel

    HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-)

  5. You are incredible and an example for all Americans! Viva Family Goldman!

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