Places We Go


23 thoughts on “Places We Go

  1. Julie Devine

    Have a GREAT time! I want to come…

  2. Hammarens

    The Hammarens wish you safe travels, loads of fun and endless laughter! Adidos la Familia de Goldman! (best Spanish we can do.)

  3. The Freeman's

    Ni Hao Ma! Hey guys! Thank you for sharing your blog–the breadcrumbs on your happy trail! We wish you a safe trip and many amazing moments!

  4. Lisa

    We can’t wait to read about all your great adventures!

  5. Jordan

    Hey Rikki it’s Jordan just wanted to know how you guys pack do you pack your whole closet?

    Have a fun trip!

  6. gabby

    i’m going to miss you guys so much! i hope you guys have the best time ever. Keep it touch. i love you all so so so much
    love- gabby

  7. Rosen- Harvey Family

    Have an amazing time! We’ll miss you so much, Love the Rosen- Harveys
    P.S. Skype us sometime @ gabby.harvey

  8. The Devines

    As far as foreign toilets go, I venture to guess you will have perfect balance by the time you return.

    The Devines look forward to your first post from Israel. We love looking at the pictures too. Have fun!

  9. jane appel

    hey rikki

  10. Anne

    Hi from the Zavells! We were so excited to see your photo with Itzik! Enjoy your time with him and Benny! Fun to know your tour included the famous “Max Zavell Bar Mitzvah site”.
    Enjoy yourselves!

  11. Hannah

    I miss you guys so much! Have an amazing trip and keep in touch! I love you guys!

  12. Judy Mintz

    Your trip looks wonderful! Enjoy!! Love, Judy and Pepper

  13. Rachel Sabin

    Hey Goldmans!
    Hope that you are having an amazing trip so far! Keep us posted!
    We miss you already.
    Mara, Jackie and Rachel
    P.S. Maya, try not to lose your other retainer!

  14. Cathy Smith

    Have fun!

  15. sara appel

    hello goldmans! hopeffully everything is amazing and try to get places on time 😉 cant wait to skype with you guys again soon in a diffrent country!! have an amazingg time!! love youu!

  16. Steve Engel

    Hi Goldmans,

    Just wanted you to know that everything at your Valley Bend homestead is great! Gardens have been treated with Weed B Gone and I have a date with a new bag of fertilizer this weekend. Tracie loves the kitchen and I’m getting fatter by the day with all of her new recipes.

    You have a wonderful home and we’ll try to keep it in top shape for you while you’re on your trip of a lifetime. We really enjoy reading the blog and hearing about all of your adventures. David’s Israeli police story is priceless! Travel safe and be well!! Steve

  17. Hammaren

    Hi Goldmans,

    It’s the Hammarens! Really enjoy reading about your adventure – thanks for sharing it! Today was the Detroit Marathon which made me think about you globe-trotting runners!
    Wishing you continued fun and adventure. Stay safe. (TH)

  18. David Moss

    Hi Goldmans-

    Marilynn gave us your link at Chloe’s Bat Mitzvah, yesterday. What a wonderful blog…it’s great seeing and reading about your adventures, and of course, it brings back memories of our own family escapades. Continue to explore, enjoy and savor. May you have many more adventures!

    luv, david and colleen

  19. mara sabin

    love u xoxoxoxoxoxo

  20. Kathy Ludwig & Mark Murphy

    Wow, guys – we are really behind on your adventures!! what a great thing you are doing! Just sent you a holiday note, and then noticed an FB post, and here’s your blog. I have signed up for your updates, so should stay more up to date now. Have fun and stay well!! So jealous! xo, Kathy and all the Murphys

    • Kathy!
      Hi, how are you guys? We keep thinking that with all of Mark’s travels, maybe we can bump into him somewhere.
      Any chance you can email us the holiday note?

      • Kathy Ludwig

        Hello again! Meant to respond weeks ago, but got waylaid by all those darn holidays, school, work, etc. Re the holiday letter, since I don’t have my own website (!), only way I can think of to send you the letter is to cut and paste. So, here goes:

        Season’s greetings! We hope 2011 has been good to you. For us, it’s been another year of trying to keep up with the kids….

        Our teenager, Ben, 8th grade, is about to turn 14. He’s been busy as the lead guitarist and singer for a pop-rock quartet that’s been playing at assorted neighborhood fund-raisers and festivals. He’s also playing trumpet in his school’s regular band, and electric guitar in the jazz band. He’s resisted team sports so far, but is enjoying tennis and fencing, not to mention hanging with friends, Facebook, & texting. Meanwhile, he’s got a lot of homework, especially for his accelerated geometry course.

        Becca and Alana, 4th grade, hit double digits in November. They’re playing a lot of music, too. Alana (shown with Scamp, our lovable mutt) has added clarinet to her guitar repertoire, while Becca has stuck with piano and picked up the saxophone. They are also good tennis players and were star soccer players this summer, helping their team get to the city-wide tournament. They’re both Girl Scouts and participate in the extracurricular GEMS (Girls in Engineering, Math, and Science) program. Alana is still really into socializing and art; for a Haiti disaster relief effort, she created a doll from recycled materials that received special recognition during the school “invention” fair. She also has a thriving side business creating personalized bookmarks for her many friends. Becca’s “Reading Tent” (a collapsible structure for privacy and reading in a shared space) got showcased (with 99 other finalists) at the Mall of America. She also continues to love basketball; this will be her 2nd year on a competitive traveling team.

        We’re really lucky they’re all healthy, doing well in school, & –apart from occasional “tude”– seem to be good & kind.

        Other highlights from the year:
        • Spring break in Atlanta, home of CNN, Coca-Cola, the MLK Memorial, the world’s largest aquarium, and Kathy’s fun cousin, Barbie, and her talented husband, Hank
        • Memorial Day camping with the Christianson-Millers & three other families near Pipestone, MN
        • Kathy wrapped up her Lake Harriet Community School PTA Presidency (phew!)
        • We still have our same jobs (when so many have lost theirs)
        • We still have our health (when so many, including a couple of close friends, have faced serious challenges)
        • Kathy got to have solo adventures to NYC for a conference, ME for her college reunion, and Toronto for her mother’s family reunion (where she saw Barbie and Hank again, along with about another 140 relatives)
        • Mark went back to traveling internationally for Cargill, most notably to Kuala Lumpur & Istanbul, where he called home from his hotel room overlooking the Bosporus
        • Mark and Ben joined three other guys for a week-long back-packing trip in MT’s Bob Marshall Wilderness
        • We had our annual visit to Maine, raced “war” (i.e., really big – 10+ person) canoes with Kathy’s siblings and their families on the Penobscot, saw Dave Mallett in concert in Grand Lake Stream (of all places), enjoyed a long-overdue visit from our Seattle friends, the Kikers (see the good-looking blonde kids in the top, center photo), and got to do our usual socializing with family and the Walbridges
        • Had visits from Reinhart Richter and Karen and Geoff Gill in Minneapolis
        • Mark ran his 3rd Twin Cities marathon with his 2nd sub-4 (hour) time
        • Spent several “pinch-me” days in LA doing Disneyland (family photo), Universal Studios (Apollo 13 crew shot), Hollywood, etc. Unexpectedly ran into Kathi Pugh, Josh Maddox, and their nephew, Jesse, on Venice Beach (photo with the palm trees), & waited at a red light next to Zach Galifianakis. (Ben almost hyperventilated &, yes, we had to look up how to spell his name.)
        • From LA, headed north to San Luis Obispo for the wedding of nephew Brian Murphy to the lovely Kerri Hatfield. The girls are pictured with her at the rehearsal dinner. It was nice to have all the Murphys together for the big event.
        • And in a few days, we get to enjoy another nephew’s wedding in DC, where Will Lincoln will marry the equally lovely Jani Ferreira, a South African national he met on the Mall. Look for the complete news item in next year’s letter!

        Until then, our very best holiday wishes to you and yours.

        End note: We are so proud of you for striking out on this adventure with your family – what a great experience! Will look forward to that day (which will come!) when we can hear about how you managed to pull it off… Love, Kathy

  21. Debbie Banooni

    I am so glad I found your website. It is amazing to experience these countries through you.

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